How to Become an Educational Consultant

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Consultant Academy Online

"How to Become an Educational Consultant"

This online course will walk you step-by-step through the process of starting and running your own educational consulting or speaking business.  Whether you want to deliver professional development presentations or consult with schools to solve their biggest problems... THIS is the course for you!

This course is perfect for someone who wishes to transition into making consulting their full time occupation -OR-  for those who just wish to supplement their income with a few consulting jobs or by blogging. The course will show you not only how to become an Educational Consultant or Speaker, but also how to start a consulting or speaking business!

All participants will learn how to:
Choose your “Area of Expertise” wisely
Run a Consulting Business
Market and Promote Yourself
Bill and Set Rates
Make Money while you Sleep
Go from "Local Expert" to "National Expert"

Plus additional Bonus Instruction on:
Helping your Spouse Make the Transition
Creating Products that SELL
Travel and Consulting
Retirement and Consulting
Legal Issues and Decisions
Plus Much, Much, More!

This course is designed SPECIFICALLY FOR EDUCATORS who wish to become consultants or speakers. Whether you are a Teacher, Administrator, Counselor, Recent Retiree, Blogger or other Professional Educator, this is the seminar for you!

"I spent $400 on this online course and got paid $1000 for my first presentation!"

"Last year I made over $150,000 consulting with schools... all within an hour of my house!  Thank you Consultant Academy!"

"The BEST investment I have ever made.  Of course I make more money now... but I love the freedom to set my own schedule!"