Course Details

Each Video Session is designed to show you exactly how to become an Educational Consultant or Speaker.  This proven method has been followed by hundreds of Consultant Academy graduates to start their own consulting and speaking businesses!

Session 1 
Three Steps to Successful Consulting
Any experienced educator can become an educational consultant if they follow these three simple steps. Make a good living, achieve the lifestyle that you desire, and make an impact on the next generation. All of this can be yours if you follow this simple plan for success.

Session 2 
Becoming “The Nation’s Leading Expert”
How to build credibility and recognition in a specific area of expertise. This session will walk you through the process from being a “complete unknown” to being a “recognized expert” in your field.

Session 3 
Attracting Customers and "Getting the Word Out"
How to market and promote your brand and your services so that customers come to you rather than you cold-calling them!

Session 4 
Productizing: Make Money while you Sleep
No one wants their income tied to how many hours they work – so every consultant needs to productize their offer. This session will show you how to quickly create seven additional revenue streams so you can literally “make money while you sleep”!

Session 5
Is this the Business for You?
Many people love education but hate running a business. This in-depth look into the business of running a consulting business will lay out exactly what it takes to survive as consultant & business entrepreneur.

Session 6
Ten Tools you should not Live Without
This session will detail ten essential tools that every consultant should use to increase profitability, save time, and make life as a consultant sustainable.

Session 7
Ultimate Consulting
What is your goal? Some wish to change the world of education forever. Others want to keep one foot in the game while beginning retirement. This session will help you connect your present reality to your future dreams with steps you can take the very next day.

Each session is LOADED with simple "next steps" you can take to become an educational consultant or speaker.

This is NOT a risky venture.  We will show you a simple way to make the transition risk-free.  No big investment.  Nothing else to buy.  No gimmicks.

​Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or we will give you a complete refund.  NO questions asked.  Over 800 people have taken this course and we have NEVER had a request for a refund.  Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Educational Consultant?
An Educational Consultant is a consultant or speaker who provides services to K-12 schools and school districts.  There are a wide variety of consultants and areas of expertise ranging from financial planning to curriculum writing.  Your past experience as an educator has equipped you to help other schools and school districts.

Why do people take this course?
Some educators are looking to transition from working within a school to becoming a consultant.  Some educators wish to keep their jobs but supplement their incomes with consulting.  Some people have been the victim of budget cuts and need to start a new career path with their existing experience and skills.  Others are approaching retirement and would like to keep “one foot in the game”.  Whatever your reason, you will walk away from this course prepared to start your own educational consulting business.

Will you help me find a job as a consultant?
No, this is not a placement service.  The purpose of this course is to prepare you to start your own consulting business.  There is no “program” to buy or learn.  The speakers are experienced educational consultants willing to share their experiences with you to help you get started.  There will be representatives on hand from at least one educational seminar company and one consulting firm so be sure to network and socialize to maximize the benefits of attending.

Who are the presenters?
The faculty of Consultant Academy is made up exclusively of practicing educational consultants.  Every presenter is a member of the National Association of Educational Consultants and Speakers (NAECS).  

How much does the Academy cost?
The cost of Consultant Academy is just $397.  You will have IMMEDIATE access to the entire online course. This access includes unlimited lifetime access to this course PLUS a huge resource manual filled with additional information and tools to help you get started.

How to Become an Educational Consultant